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Efficacy and safety of ursodeoxycholic acid for the prevention of gallstone formation after gastrectomy in patients with gastric cancer. The PEGASUS-D randomized clinical trial. JAMA Surg 2020; 155: 703-711.

Published: 7th April 2021

Authors: Lee SH, Jang DK, Yoo M-W, Hwang S-H, Ryu S-Y, Kwon OK et al.


Some 465 patients were followed for one year. Gallstones formed in 5.3 per cent of patients treated with 300mg ursodeoxycholic acid daily, 4.3 per cent of those given 600mg, and 16.7 per cent of those on placebo (P=0.002 and P<0.001, respectively, compared to placebo).

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