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Oxygenated versus standard cold perfusion preservation in kidney transplantation (COMPARE): a randomised, double-blind, paired, phase 3 trial Lancet 2020; 396: 1653-1662.

Published: 19th March 2021

Authors: Jochmans I, Brat A, Davies L, Hofker HS, van de Leemkolk FEM, Leuvenink HGD et al.


Paired donor kidneys were randomised to one of each perfusion method; 106 pairs were included. Mean eGFR was similar in both groups after 12 months (50.5 mL/min in oxygenated versus 46.7 mL/min in cold perfused kidneys). Severe complications were fewer for oxygenated kidneys (11 versus 16 per cent; P=0.032), as was graft failure (3 versus 10 per cent, P=0.028).

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