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Pancreaticojejunostomy with externalized stent vs pancreaticogastrostomy with externalized stent for patients with high-risk pancreatic anastomosis. A single-center, phase 3, randomized clinical trial. JAMA Surg 2020; 155: 313-321.

Published: 9th February 2021

Authors: Andrianello S, Marchegiani G, Malleo G, Masini G, Balduzzi A, Paiella S et al.


This study included a total of 72 patients at high risk of postoperative pancreatic fistula. The fistula rate was similar after pancreaticojejunostomy (38.9 per cent) and pancreaticogastrostomy (50 per cent, P=0.48), but major morbidity rates were lower after pancreaticogastrostomy (22.2 versus 47.2 per cent, P=0.047).

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