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Prospective, randomized, phase II, non-inferiority study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of topical thrombin (Human) Grifols as adjunct to hemostasis during vascular, hepatic, soft tissue, and spinal open surgery. J Am Coll Surg 2019: 229: 497–507

Published: 29th April 2020

Authors: Minkowitz H, Navarro-Puerto J, Lakshman S, Singla S, Cousar C, Kim R et al.


This study compared two different types of thrombin (bovine and human). Some 205 procedures were included and the end point of the study was haemostasis within five minutes of completion. Rates of haemostasis were similar in the two groups: 78.3 per cent (human) and 80.3 per cent (bovine). Both thrombins were well tolerated.

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